Rules of My New Office

Uhuyy.. Lain ladang lain belalang. Lain kantor, lain peraturan. Tapi ada beberapa peraturan yang agak mengusik jiwa kelaki-lakianku 🙂

(Sumber: diambil dari Code of Conduct kantor gw)


Please lift your feet when walking, don’t shuffle! This will help to avoid damage of the carpet tiles.

(ohh my goshh! Karpetnya impor dari Persia kali yaa..)


… are not allows in our premises at any times.

(kecuali bagi-bagi, hehehe…)

Consensus & Conflict:

We refrain from display of anger.

(btw, dapet counseling anger management gak yaa..?)


Allowed at low volume and for personal ear only, no speakers.

(ihikss… L)

Mejaku. rapih yaa...

Mejaku. rapih yaa...

Office Desk:

Always to be neat during and after working hours. No sleeping at one’s desk at anytime.

(ughh.. Belum tau dia kubikel aku gimana –ditempat lama)





Pules coyy..

Pules coyy..

No pets allowed.

(melihara kutu di rambut boleh khan?)


One Response to Rules of My New Office

  1. kutukupret says:

    yang no. 2 , kalau belah duren dikantor boleh gaa??

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